Jobbik demands László Palkovics to restore the financing structure of research institutes!

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary is outraged to learn that the Ministry for Innovation and Technology, led by Minister László Palkovics, refuses to grant the unanimous and clear request submitted by the Board of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and provide the research institutes with the funding they are entitled to by law. Consequently, it has become impossible to conduct substantial research activities while the operation of the research networks is also jeopardized as the conditions created by the Ministry prevent institutes from recruiting new scientists and procuring the research materials necessary for a successful work, which may actually undermine the ongoing projects as well. During his earlier discussions with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Minister Palkovics demonstrated an unworthy conduct: ignoring his duty as a member of government, he failed to show up for the special assembly meeting summoned in order to discuss the fundamental issues affecting the future of the Academy.

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary has long been fighting against the constant attacks on the intelligentsia, which are reminiscent of the darkest Bolshevik times. The deliberate destruction of research networks is an integral part of this unprofessional power politics. Our position is clear: if the Hungarian government still gives a thought at all to the appreciation of the intelligentsia and the international competitiveness of the Hungarian scientific sector, it must take immediate measures to restore the funding of research institutes!


Jobbik MP Koloman Brenner