Jobbik demands Hungarian government to stop the anti-science steamroller immediately!

Jobbik is indignant to hear about the latest step in the government’s series of attacks on the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The minutes of the meetings clearly show that the government refuses to consider any real and professional agreement. Their insane plan is to hand over the Academy’s funds and its research institutes to a new foundation, terminating the researchers’ public servant status in the process, too. This outrageously anti-science decision will lead to a situation where, practically speaking, the government can manually control financing issues and allocate funds bypassing the Parliament. The destruction of the acclaimed institution jeopardizes the jobs of 5000 researchers, the young and best of whom are already planning to emigrate en masse. This would cause an irreversible damage to Hungarian science and culture. Protecting the Academy of Sciences is a national cause which all honest patriots must stand for, just like István Széchenyi stood for establishing the institution nearly 200 years ago. Once again we call on the government to abandon its anti-science and unprofessional politics! Keep your hands away from the Academy!


Dr. Koloman Brenner, Member of Parliament, deputy faction leader, Jobbik