Jobbik dedicated to environment protection

In 1972, the UN passed a resolution to assign 5th June as the World Environment Day. In a world with exponential growth where the economy is driven by profit and interests, it is increasingly pressing for the highest decision-making bodies to join the already active NGOs and citizens and be finally involved in focusing on fundamental sustainability aspects.

Ever since its foundation, Jobbik has been striving for putting an end to the situation where certain people can do anything as long as they have money and connections. They can get away with polluting, exploiting and destroying the environment while the national states attempt to remedy the caused damage by using the taxpayers’ money.

Getting into government, we will adopt the “polluters pay” principle and promote the use of renewable energy while increasing the weight of environment consciousness in our education. We will restore the respect for green authorities and intensify the government’s focus on environment protection.

Always keep in mind that the protection of our planet Earth means securing our children’s future!


Lajos Kepli, Jobbik MP