Jobbik: Current form of voting by letter unacceptable, install e-voting instead

In his press conference, Jobbik MP István Szávay talked about why his party did not prefer the current system of voting by letter. The party’s position is that this system disfavours Hungarian emigrants compared to those living in the neighbouring countries because the former are not given the option of voting by letter. Jobbik would solve the problem by installing an electronic voting system.

Talking about the problems related to voting by letter, he mentioned that registration was valid for 10 years so the Hungarian authorities were not informed if the citizen passed away, which gave way to potential abuse. Another loophole is that personal identity cannot be verified during the registration process, he noted.

Jobbik cannot trust the ethnic Hungarian organizations cooperating with Fidesz so the opposition party warns all Hungarians wishing to vote for Jobbik to be very careful. The mail services of neighbouring countries may also give room for concerns in terms of delivery so Mr Szávay asked citizens to turn to Jobbik directly if they wish to vote for them so that the party could help them make sure that their letters are delivered to the right address. The party’s website offers more information on the process.


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