Jobbik: Crimea referendum is exemplary

Márton Gyöngyösi had a press conference on Sunday's Crimean referendum and he pointed out that Jobbik considered the Crimean vote as the triumph of a community's self-determination. The Hungarian patriotic party says that the referendum was legitimate and valid, even though both the Ukrainian government and Russia exercised some pressure on the voting. 

The MP stated that numbers spoke for themselves: nearly all local citizens want to belong to Russia. Márton Gyöngyösi pointed out that Russia was helping her own ethnic minority since the Crimean peninsula is predominantly populated by Russians. 

The politician added that the West only stands for the self-determination of a community if it is the interest of the West: the same happened in Kosovo where they supported secession. If it is another minority, whose secession they are not interested in, they don't support it. 

Márton Gyöngyösi says the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs should be ashamed to keep repeating the opinions of the EU and the United States instead of forming their own, even though they would have plenty of examples to draw from Hungarian history.  He reminded the press that the City of Sopron had a referendum in December 1921 and the people decided to belong to Hungary instead of Austria. 

The MP also mentioned that Russia is fighting for the rights of ethnic minorities living in Ukraine, so they also keep the rights of the Hungarian minority of the Lower Carpathians on the agenda, which Hungary, shamefully enough, fails to do.  He pointed out that the Hungarian foreign ministry was quite wrong to believe that the EU would help to ensure minority rights, as ethnic Hungarians suffer a major deprivation in Slovakia and Romania alike. 

Márton Gyöngyösi declared that if Jobbik got into government, they would balance the harmfully unilateral Euro-Atlantic connections, protect Hungarian minorities and advocate their rights in international forums.