Jobbik correctly accounts for all payments and releases response to State Audit Office’s draft resolution

The State Audit Office of Hungary (SAO) once again imposed a substantial fine on Jobbik, amounting to HUF 136.4 million (EUR 426 thousand) this time, and decided to withhold an equivalent amount from the party’s state subsidy.

Jobbik already addressed all the allegations in the State Audit Office’s draft resolution a week ago by submitting an item-by-item response along with 624 pages of financial documents attached. Naturally, we enclosed all the relevant statements of account, trial balances and ledger accounts. On the whole, Jobbik had funds amounting to HUF 138 509 033 as of December 31, 2017, which is far more than the HUF 52.1 million missed by the SAO.

What makes the resolution even more absurd is the matter of the HUF 84.3 million debt, which is owed to two national institutions, i.e., the Hungarian Post and the National Tax and Customs Authority of Hungary (NTCA). In other words, the SAO claims that the Post and the NTCA, which are both government agencies, have provided illegal financing for Jobbik. Jobbik of course has clearly refuted these claims with the appropriate evidence submitted to the SAO, but to no avail. Partly due to the fine imposed on us earlier, we do have an outstanding debt to the Hungarian Post, which is planning to take legal action to collect it. As far as the debt to the NTCA is concerned, it is made up of the VAT payable for the Facebook ads, since these ads are subject to reverse-charge taxation. In reality, the NTCA did not provide illegal financing for Jobbik either, as it is demonstrated by Jobbik’s attached application for payment by instalments in 2020 through 2021, which was duly granted by the NTCA.

The SAO’s absurd resolution clearly jeopardizes Jobbik’s European parliamentary campaign since this fine, together with the previous one which is currently deliberated in Strasbourg, threatens to put the party on the verge of bankruptcy. Jobbik’s Board considers the fines imposed on Momentum, Two-Tailed Dog and Dialogue Parties, along with the SAO’s latest decision, as such attacks on Hungarian democracy that finally expose the authoritarianism of the Orbán regime beyond any doubt. Jobbik calls the attention of the opposition parties and of the Hungarian and the international public that, as of January 31, 2019, Hungary has finally ceased to be under what is considered as the rule of law in Europe. If the Hungarian opposition tolerates this treatment, its days are numbered.

For the sake of transparency and clarity, Jobbik releases its response to the SAO’s draft resolution, which you can download in Hungarian  here.

God save our homeland!


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary