Jobbik continues its mission to help Transcarpathian Hungarians

Yesterday Jobbik's vice president and deputy speaker of the Hungarian Parliament Tamás Sneider delivered some more donations to Transcarpathia, this time for two kindergartens in Mezővári and Beregszász.

During the visit, Sneider and his group met Diocesan Sándor Fábián Zán of the Reformed Church as well as Elemér Salamon, the Mayor of Mezővári. Jobbik's politician also laid a wreath at the local memorial for the victims of Stalinist terror.

Talking to the press, Tamás Sneider said that he was definitely going to visit Transcarpathia at least once more this year, but if donations keep coming at such a high rate, he was ready to set out on a journey to Transcarpathia several times.

"It is uplifting to see the Transcarpathian Hungarians' will to live, especially their will to live as Hungarians. They never give up on that even in the greatest hardships. I myself can find encouragement in their resolve. It was a great lesson for me to get an insight into the operation of the boarding school in Beregszász, I could imagine a similar institution in Hungary, too. Let me add that the school considers the children's interest as the priority. Decision makers do their best to fulfill their needs instead of those of the (fake) human rights activists," the vice president explained.


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