Jobbik congratulates Transcarpathian Hungarians for their election results

Seeing the preliminary results of the municipal elections in Transcarpathia, Jobbik's approach, which the party has been advocating for years, seems to prove more and more advisable; namely, that Hungarian policy abroad needs national cooperation as well as a national consensus on the key issues! This is the fundamental interest of Hungarian communities in all neighbouring countries! We welcome that government party Fidesz finally abandoned its divisive policy that created conflicts by putting ethnic Hungarian organizations into preferred and less preferred categories, and decided to urge the Transcarpathian Hungarian Cultural Association (THCA) to cooperate with the Hungarian Democratic Alliance in Ukraine (HDAU) instead. We hope that Fidesz will similarly change its relations with the Hungarian organizations and their fellow-national representatives in other neighbouring countries, too.

We are especially happy that such cities as Beregszász and Nagyszőlős as well as most of the Hungarian-populated villages elected a Hungarian mayor and that both THCA and HDAU will have a significantly stronger representation in the county council than before.

However, we must also note that if this cooperation had been complete (which it wasn't), then we could now rejoice in even better results. That is why we hope that the elections don't mark the end but the beginning of a new, different political culture in Transcarpathia.

We thank all Transcarpathian Hungarian citizens for their participation in the elections and supporting Hungarian candidates and party lists, thus contributing to this great, joint achievement. We also express our heartfelt congratulations to the mayors and council members who won a mandate, and we wish them a lot of strength and persistence in their struggle for the region's Hungarian population. They can always rely on Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary.


István Szávay vice president, Jobbik