Jobbik on the conflict in Syria

Jobbik on the conflict in Syria.

Jobbik has always spoken out against the use of weapons banned by international law, therefore, if it is proven that such a case has indeed taken place, our party objects to the use of poison gas in Syria as well.

However, Jobbik is worried to see the sinister events developing in Syria as well as the systematic attempts of the West to find a casus belli for an armed intervention against the Assad government. Jobbik disowns the provocation as well as the anti-Assad stance of the West and the servile attitude of the Hungarian government that runs to rally behind its Western allies. Jobbik also objects to the support provided for the forces being organized against the Assad government which also represent Islam's most extreme platforms, Wahhabism and Salafism and openly cooperate with Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organisations. Not only does the West contradict itself by supporting terrorism, but subordinates the already fragile stability of tension-ridden Middle East to its own short-term goals.

Jobbik firmly believes that the UN Security Council, which represents the interests of the powers that view the Syrian conflict subjectively and in light of their own goals, is unable to conduct a fair investigation of the gas attack. This has already been proven ten years ago, in the case of the shameful Iraqi invasion that was built on a smear campaign and propaganda.

Jobbik stands for the Assad government, which enjoys the support of the overwhelming majority of the Syrian people and has built up an economically, culturally and politically stable country during its rule of over half a century in one of the most complex Middle Eastern countries in terms of ethnicity and religion. We hope that the Assad government will soon be able to stabilize the situation and continue its governmental activity in the interest of the Syrian people.

Márton Gyöngyösi, deputy leader of Jobbik's Parliamentary Group