Jobbik condemns the drafting of ethnic Hungarian men for military service

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary is concerned to receive news of a new military mobilization wave as of January 20, in the Lower Carpathian region of Ukraine. It means that ethnic Hungarian men may be drafted to the Ukrainian army to fight for Kiev's puppet government that serves the interests of Atlantic powers.

Jobbik also finds the statement made by the ethnic Hungarian member of the Ukrainian Parliament astounding. The MP expressed his hope that the drafting of ethnic Hungarians would not be disproportionate compared to their rate in the population. Knowing the ethnic proportions in the Lower Carpathian region and the situation of the Ukrainian government, we consider this statement nonsensical. Will it satisfy László Brenzovics, who has sworn an oath to represent the Hungarian community in the Lower Carpathians (including the Beregszász/Beregovo district where the rate of Hungarians is 76 per cent), if the proportion of the Hungarian soldiers deployed to the Eastern Ukrainian front does not exceed 76 per cent? Jobbik calls László Brenzovics to do his best for a firm representation of the Hungarian interests and employ any means necessary to prevent them from drafting. Jobbik also expects the Hungarian government to actively contribute to the protection of the Hungarian community in the Lower Carpathians.



Márton Gyöngyösi, deputy leader of Jobbik's Parliamentary Group