Jobbik condemns the activation of a NATO Command Center in Hungary

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary firmly condemns the Hungarian government's voluntary commitment to host a a command center to help coordinate deployment of NATO's rapid response force, thus exposing our country to an unnecessary risk.

Even though the government attempts to downplay the significance of this step and uses every forum to present the center to be activated as a mere administrative hub, the American military operations visible in Central Europe, the development of the Kecskemét and Pápa airbases and the coordination network comprising Central Europe, which the Hungarian government wishes to join, altogether clearly show that this is very far from defence upgrades. Under US leadership, NATO is taking a series of demonstrative and aggressive steps in our region, aiming at an increased involvement in the ongoing Ukraine conflict.

Jobbik emphasizes that rapid response forces and their coordination centers are typically the primary targets for military air strikes. In the current situation, the hosting of such forces and establishments in Hungary further increases the direct military risk to which the government has already exposed our country by the irresponsible involvement in the defence of the Baltic states' air space. Let us point out that even though we are a member of a military alliance, our reason to join was to increase Hungary's security, whereas NATO is now clearly an offensive organization that serves the geostrategic interests of the United States.

Consequently, we call upon the Hungarian government to stop serving foreign interests that curb Hungary's sovereignty! Do not make commitments in a conflict which may drift our country into unnecessary danger and stand up for  the real Hungarian national interests! Do not let our land become a battleground for foreign powers again!


Márton Gyöngyösi, deputy leader of Jobbik's Parliamentary Group