Jobbik condemns anti-Hungarian provocation in Transcarpathia

On Wednesday, the Transcarpathian media reported outrageous events that had taken place three days before, on 13th March: Ukrainian extremist organizations held a demonstration march in Ungvár (Uzhorod), and the event turned into a serious anti-Hungarian atrocity. The reports say that the uniformed demonstrators were chanting discriminatory slogans, including "to the knifepoint with Hungarians!"

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary categorically condemns this latest provocation by Ukrainian chauvinists. We find it shameful that Ukraine, which is on the road to Europe, has not stopped such blatant attempts to intimidate ethnic minorities and these acts can go unpunished. Jobbik's long-held, clear and consistent position is that Ukraine cannot be allowed to continue Euro-Atlantic integration unless the country settles the situation of native ethnic minorities, including the Hungarian community, and fully guarantee their rights, thus allowing for Ruthenian-Hungarian autonomy in Transcarpathia.

Jobbik acknowledges and supports the Hungarian government's financial efforts to aid the Transcarpathian Hungarian community it its difficult situation. However, we also expect the Hungarian diplomacy to take a firm stance and demand President Poroshenko to keep the promises he made to the Hungarian community and to take action against anti-Hungarian organizations, individuals and events.


MP István Szávay, vice president of Jobbik