Jobbik condemns and despises the Simon Wiesenthal Center

Jobbik condemns and despises the Simon Wiesenthal Centre for its Sunday morning disrespectful statement issued over the death of the 98 year old Sándor Képíró who was sued for war crimes but the court cleared of all charges.

Jobbik calls upon the Simon Wiesenthal Centre to apologize to the family of the deceased.

We had enough of double standards, as the communist murderers are still among us, yet not them but a 98 year old captain of the Hungarian gendarmerie force has been dragged into the courtroom from his hospital bed; while Bela Biszku and his c
ommunist comrades, who committed horrendous offenses against the Hungarian people in the Kadar era, even today receive top pension and live in luxurious conditions, says Jobbik's statement.

Jobbik is confident that at Képíró's funeral ordinary people will express their respect and sympathy for the man who had to go through a witch-hunt in the last days of his life that might have hastened his death.

The Jerusalem based Simon Wiesenthal Center that brought charges against Sándor Képíró in September 2006 is deeply disappointed over the death of Sándor Képíró who dared to die before the court sentenced him to jail for war crimes. Efraim Zuroff, the head of the Center said Képíró's death unfortunately prevented the appeal court to condemn the man and focus public attention to the innocent civilians, primarily Jews, who were executed by Hungarian Nazi collaborators in World War II.

Efraim Zuroff's Facebook entry:
“Perhaps the only consolation in connection with the terribly-frustrating news of Kepiro's death before the pending appeal could overturn his outrageous acquittal was the quote from his lawyer that his trial adversely affected his health, a small victory for justice and truth”.

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