Jobbik calls for a Hungarian-Hungarian roundtable to protect the Lower Carpathian community

On account of the increasingly severe Ukrainian-Russian clashes, Jobbik motions to establish a Hungarian-Hungarian roundtable conference meeting frequently in order to defend the local Hungarian community. This is what Gábor Vona, the president of the patriotic party and vice president István Szávay said in the party's press conference on Tuesday.

The opinion of the patriotic party is that the expanding and aggravating fights in Eastern Ukraine require the establishment of a regular negotiation forum between the political organizations of the motherland and the Lower Carpathians. This forum is referred to as the "Hungarian-Hungarian roundtable" and its function would be to identify and voice common goals.

Anti-Hungarian set-up of constituencies

István Szávay, the chairman of the party's national policy cabinet, began the press conference with a sharp criticism of the constituency system of the Ukrainian parliamentary elections to be held on October 26, since it is,in Szávay's words, contrary to the earlier promises of president Poroshenko. The constituencies were yet again designed in such a way that there will be no Hungarian majority in any of them, so the new legislation will not have any Hungarian representatives elected directly.

Jobbik's politician says it is a "big slap in the face" of the Hungarian community, and it may have been reasonably avoided if the Hungarian foreign affairs ministry had exercised a diplomatic pressure on the Ukrainian leadership - as Jobbik had urged countless times.

Szávay says the situation has proven that the word of Ukrainian politicians "is worth just as much as 23 years ago", when the Ukrainian leadership at the time, on signing the Hungarian-Ukrainian basic treaty, promised the Antall government of Hungary to grant autonomy for the Hungarian community in the Lower Carpathians, but it has never happened.

Adapting to the environment

Regarding the Hungarian-Hungarian roundtable, party president Gábor Vona said that the fights are unfortunately intensifying and expanding geographically as well, so we must expect an elongated conflict. The politician says that Hungary must also prepare for these fights lasting for long months or perhaps even years, and our country must be ready to handle the consequences.