Jobbik backs cooperation of Hungarian opposition MEPs in Brussels and Budapest

In his open letter posted on Facebook, Jobbik’s MEP and executive vice president Márton Gyöngyösi reacted to the  proposition raised by Momentum’s Katalin Cseh and the Socialist Party’s István Ujhelyi. At their Thursday press conference, the two MEPs suggested to establish a forum called “Our Europe Roundtable” to allow Hungarian opposition MEPs to coordinate their efforts in the European Parliament as well as in Hungary.

MEP Márton Gyöngyösi’s open letter is below:

Let’s find the way to cooperate: answer to Katalin Cseh and István Ujhelyi

Dear fellow MEPs, dear Katalin and István,

First of all, let me congratulate you on your election and wish you a lot of success and endurance for your work. I think all of us will need endurance more than ever. We, the representatives of the Hungarian opposition have an enormous responsibility today. While Viktor Orbán and his Fidesz keeps isolating Hungary, in the European Parliament we must be the voice of those millions who have fewer and fewer opportunities to express their opinions at home. We must present this Hungary to the whole world and give strength to those who are doing their best and making a continuous effort to build this Hungary on an increasingly difficult terrain.

However, I believe our task reaches far beyond the representation of the Hungarian opposition. We must also be able to offer an alternative for those who think they have no better choice even though they are not satisfied with Fidesz’ Hungary. Jobbik feels this responsibility more than anything now. The European parliamentary elections may have filled many of our leftist or liberal compatriots with confidence. However, they are not the only ones forming the Hungarian opposition. I believe Jobbik has a historic responsibility to show a credible opposition path for Hungarian citizens with pro-right, Christian democratic and conservative values. That is the mentality I want to work with in the European Parliament throughout the next five years.

The greatest conclusion of the past period for all of us is that we, who consider Hungary our homeland, depend upon each other regardless of our ideologies. You cannot conduct responsible policies against half the country’s will. By the same token, neither can you conduct a responsible opposition policy without the involvement of the centre-right. That’s the path Jobbik wants to take.

On the other hand, you cannot conduct a responsible opposition policy without constructive debates and finding common points, either. That is why I was happy to hear you in the press conference calling on all opposition parties with a EP seat to establish a roundtable in the European Parliament to coordinate our professional efforts. Beyond our ideological differences, we are all indeed committed to representing the people of Hungary. This responsibility binds us to find the way of cooperation in terms of particular issues. We must be able to cooperate in such issues as reducing the east-west wage gap, restoring the freedom of the press and the freedom of scientific research or protecting the environment. And, first and foremost, we must be able to debate about our values assertively but not aggressively.

You can rely on Jobbik and me to do so in the next five years. If your proposed discussions begin, you can rely on me to be there as the voice and representative of the centre-right opposition, as the defender of national-conservative values and the advocate of a democratic Hungary going on the European way.

Best regards,

Márton Gyöngyösi