Jobbik-backed candidates win in Püspökladány by-elections

The town of Püspökladány held municipal by-elections in two districts on Sunday. The District 5 race was won by former Jobbik-delegated councilman László Borsos with over 40% of the votes. In addition to Jobbik, Mr Borsos was also backed by two NGOs. The list of losers in this contest includes Fidesz’ former local vice president and MP Zoltán Dienes.

District 7 saw the triumph of independent candidate Zoltán Varga who was supported by Jobbik and NGOs, too. He won 73% of the votes. In this district Fidesz’ current Püspökladány vice president János Szabó finished last, with just over 10 per cent of the votes.

The results mean that Fidesz no longer has a majority in the municipal council. Püspökladány once again proved that the governing party can be defeated by credible opposition candidates.


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