Jobbik: anti-Russia sanctions cause serious damage

The European Union has extended the economic sanctions against Russia for a further six months until January 31, 2016. Jobbik rejects the decision made by the Foreign Ministers of EU member states. 

"It is a hypocritical and false approach to only hold Russia accountable for meeting the requirements laid out in the Minsk Accord, while Kiev enjoys significant aid in spite of the country's repeated violations of the agreement" said Márton Gyöngyösi, the vice chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Hungarian National Assembly to Alfahir.

In Jobbik's view, the sanctions are in stark contrast with the real interests of EU member states.

"We are sorry to see Hungary joining the ritual self-sacrifice at the altar of American interests as the sanctions have proven to cause economic and political damage to Hungary."

In his press release, Gyöngyösi reminds the public that the sanctions endorsed by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szíjjártó are contrary to the government's approach to the Eastern opening policy.

Jobbik requests the Hungarian government to commit itself and declare which matters more: serving Euro-Atlantic interests or the real interests of the EU and Hungary? The party also calls upon the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to abandon "the servile accommodation of foreign instructions and start acting upon the Hungarian interests in relation with the East, and try to represent the Eastern opening policy in better ways than empty rhetoric".