Jobbik at 18%, ahead of the Socialists

Government backed poll institution Nezopont published its September report showing Jobbik ahead of the Socialists (MSZP), for the first time since the 2010 elections.

The poll said Jobbik received 18% support among "active voters with a strong party preference",compared with the Socialists' (MSZP) 15% support. The governing Fidesz party still received 59% support in the poll although other independent sources report continuous decrease in support for the government.

Former Socialist Prime Minister Gyurcsany's immunity was revoked by the Hungarian Parliament due to allegations and criminal proceedings againt him over the failed casino project in Sukoro near the Velence lake. Gyurcsany's successor in the Prime Minister's chair in 2009, Socialist Gordon Bajnai was also questioned by police as a witness for his  involvement in the same project last week, what could be the reason for the decline in the support of the Socialists the poll said.