Jakab: This government will fall unless it starts serving the nation

Talking in ATV’s Monday morning Start show, Jobbik’s parliamentary faction leader Péter Jakab said it was a good decision for his party to join the opposition cooperation. As he put it, “it’s not one of the PM’s Dakota proverbs but it’s still true: they tried to bury us under the ground but they didn’t know we were seeds”. He expressed his view that the Hungarian nation’s love for freedom sprouted and it would result in a government change.

According to the parliamentary faction leader, Fidesz’ hatemongering was overcome by love and solidarity in Sunday’s elections. If the people of Hungary are able to cooperate regardless of their party political affiliations, then the government will either need to start serving the nation or face its fall, he added. Mr Jakab emphasized the results proved that the government can be defeated in an election, too.

Talking about Fidesz’ paper-thin victory in the city of Győr where the mayor had been involved in a sex and corruption scandal, Mr Jakab said he was curious what message the scandal-ridden politician was going to get from his Dear Leader today. According to Mr Jakab, if Viktor Orbán considers himself a Christian man, the only message he could send should be: “orgy-goers have no place in public offices”. He once again apologized to the citizens of Győr for the local Jobbik members who backed out of the opposition cooperation in the final days. As he put it, the social media posts of these individuals sounded as if they had been worded by cabinet minister Antal Rogán.

Talking about the future of the opposition cooperation, he said they would need to lay out a recipe that could work for the whole country and not just one municipality. In response to Ádám Mirkóczki’s victory in the city of Eger, he noted that each Jobbik-led town will need to start the work by unravelling the local cases of corruption. “We must send the message to the local oligarchs that they may have been allowed to steal public monies until now but they are not any longer,” he asserted. Publishing the contracts signed by the previous town leaders would be the best course of action, he concluded.


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