"It's an all-Hungarian cause"

Gábor Vona has submitted his statement of support for the Minority Safepack initiative and asks Viktor Orbán to do the same. As Jobbik’s president put it, the purpose of the European Citizens’ Initiative is to protect all minorities including “our Hungarian brothers and sisters living in the territories torn away by the Trianon peace treaty”, so “it’s an all-Hungarian cause”.

So he asks the leaders of all party leaders, including Viktor Orbán to endorse it and to encourage their fellow party members and supporters to do so, too.  “The initiative needs one million statements of support from EU member states by April 3. So we are pressed for time, help us, sign it and share it,”  Mr Vona suggests.

The Initiative was launched in order to ensure the widest possible rights for European minorities in terms of using their language and national symbols, among other things. Statements of support have been collected since last May and Jobbik endorsed the project just a few days after its launch. The Minority Safepack has received around 600 thousand statements of support so far.

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