It’s a matter of national importance to protect the Hungarian Academy of Sciences!

Jobbik uses all available political and scientific forums to fight the Hungarian government’s mad agenda aimed at completely destroying the Hungarian Academy of Science’s (HAS) research network despite its great past and successful achievements in international comparison. The destruction of the prestigious institution jeopardizes the jobs of 5000 researchers, the youngest and best of whom are now looking to emigrate en masse, which would cause incalculable damage for Hungary’s scientific and cultural life.

It is important to note that the government did not conduct any real negotiation or coordination with the HAS. Instead of taking the institution’s professional arguments into consideration, they resorted to Bolshevik type dictates amounting to blackmail and intimidation. The fact that the government made a pre-meditated decision to destroy the HAS’ research institutes is clearly proven by the recently leaked “Palkovics Plan”, which openly and utterly cynically discusses the execution of the HAS’ research institutes. The endgame of this anti-science madness has also revealed that Minister Palkovics did not shy away from blackmail in his “negotiations” with the HAS and made it clear in his letter that if the Academy insisted on continuing to operate its own research network, the government’s plan was going to be carried out by circumventing the Academy through an amendment of the law. This move would have caused the HAS not only to lose the right for the scientific management of the research institutes but their financial and material assets, too.  This was the kind of blackmail that made HAS president László Lovász to accept the removal of the research institute network from the HAS’ organization and this is the dictate that the government is now attempting to present as an “agreement”. In its open letter addressed to the Prime Minister, the Academy Employee Forum (ADF) compares the government’s dictatorial power policy to no less than the persecution of Christians in ancient times. They wrote: “The Academy is no brick and no mortar. It’s not just a number in the national budget. It’s not an inventory of dead things. We are the Academy ourselves!” Fully agreeing with their open letter, we congratulate ADF for their brave and exemplary stance. Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary expresses its solidarity with the 5000 researchers and their families whose future and financial safety is jeopardized due to the government’s policy. Protecting the Academy of Sciences is a non-partisan, national cause which all honest patriots must stand for, just like István Széchenyi stood for establishing the institution nearly 200 years ago. We keep fighting for an education and science policy that would ensure freedom for intellectuals and independence for the scientific community while providing a European financial remuneration! 


Dr. Koloman Brenner, deputy faction leader, Jobbik