It was high time for Orbán to stop punishing Budapest citizens!

Jobbik expects the government to pay more attention to Budapest citizens and especially to protecting their health. Although Orbán tends to ignore it, but it would be equally important to conduct consistent testing in national health institutions as most of them are in Budapest and administered by the state. Do the tests in all inpatient institutions, too, so that we could prevent the onset of further epidemiologic hotspots! We cannot allow the disease to be carried from Budapest hospitals to closed institutions any more!

Orbán believes he won the first battle against the pandemic but we must disappoint him: he lost it! The public health measures would never have been successful without the responsible attitude of the Hungarian people and the municipalities. We demand the government to give municipalities back the funds that are no longer needed for the management of the pandemic situation! Municipalities want to live and work, and they don’t want their budgets cut even more.

Orbán says they took all the decisions in time. Well, if it had been up to him, schools and public institutions would perhaps still be open. It was only the opposition’s firm stance that forced him to execute the lockdown.

Jobbik demands Viktor Orbán to give up the unjustified special powers as the first thing on Monday morning in the Parliament!


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary