It is the duty of the government to save the Hungarians of the Lower Carpathian region

In its closed session on Tuesday, the national security committee of the Hungarian National Assembly discussed the Ukrainian conflict and the situation of the Hungarian community living in the Lower Carpathian region of Ukraine. The meeting lasted over two hours and the MPs were informed about the Ukrainian situation by such experts as László Tasnádi, the state secretary for law enforcement in the Ministry of Interior, László Göbölös, the Director General of the Constitution Protection Office and Chief Police Commissioner Károly Papp. According to the accounts of the MPs, a key topic of the meeting was the military drafting of Ukrainian minorities, including the Hungarian men living in the Lower Carpathian region. 

The government must save all Hungarian lives

Committee member and Jobbik MP Ádám Mirkóczki pointed out that the Hungarian government must stop worrying about the territorial integrity of Ukraine as such concerns are no longer justified: there is no chance for Ukraine to become the same country as it was before the Ukrainian-Russian conflict broke out. Mirkóczki warned that the next weeks and months will see major turning points in the course of the war, so the issue of the security of Hungarians living in the Lower Carpathians must be treated with the appropriate sense of responsibility. Jobbik demands the government to save all Hungarians of the Lower Carpathians from being drafted to the Ukrainian army. If necessary, grant them a "special status" and let them cross the border into Hungary until the situation settles.

Mirkóczki called the Eastern Ukrainian fights a "slaughterhouse" and stated that the media "exaggerates them in a positive sense." Jobbik's committee member also reminded the press that the Kiev government began drafting ethnic minorities to the Ukrainian army in a disproportionate manner, sending men of Hungarian and Polish ethnicity to the front to die for a government that "has been utterly humiliating its ethnic minorities for decades."

In response to a question from the media, the politician said the Hungarian government had several diplomatic means, even blackmail, to use in the interest of the ethnic Hungarian community, if need be. "The minimum requirement from the Hungarian government is to save all Hungarian lives." stated Ádám Mirkóczki.