István Szávay opens representative office in Vojvodina too

Two weeks after opening his office in Dunaszerdahely (Dunajská Streda), Slovakia, Jobbik's vice president opened another representative office as a Member of Parliament, this time in Zenta (Senta), Serbia. The politician said his goal was to let the voice of Hungarians in Vojvodina be directly heard in Budapest.

As Vojvodina Hungarian news portal Délhir reported, the representative office of Jobbik MP István Szávay opened in Zenta, Vojvodina. Speaking at the official opening ceremony, the politician emphasized that he had been following the life and problems of Hungarians living abroad ever since Jobbik's foundation. As he put it, the establishment of the legal framework of dual citizenship means an obligation for the Members of the Hungarian National Assembly to represent the interests of Hungarian citizens living abroad in addition to the moral duty to care for their fellow nationals.

For the same reason, the vice president of the motherland's largest opposition party had already opened a similar office in Dunaszerdahely, Slovakia, which makes the Zenta establishment the second such centre in a row. The opening ceremony in Dunaszerdahely generated a very heated debate, the Hungarian government essentially confronted its own citizenship law by calling that office a provocation.


Szávay expressed his hope that the people of Vojvodina will understand that the aim of the office is neither provocation nor an action against something. Instead, it's purpose is to step up for a cause: that of the local Hungarian community. The reception was quite different than in Slovakia, and it was clearly shown by the fact that the Zenta ceremony was attended by local council member László Rácz Szabó, the president of the Hungarian Civil Association (MPSZ) as well as Áron Csonka, the president of the Democratic Community of Hungarians in Vojvodina (VMDK).

Talking about the functional purpose of the office, István Szávay explained that they welcomed all Hungarian people of Vojvodina who happen to have questions, complaints or perhaps some constructively critical comments. In addition, Jobbik will be able to receive and process the specific requests and issues raised by Vojvodina's Hungarian people studying or working in rump Hungary. The MP stated that there is no pre-registration or pre-screening at all, they welcome all well-meaning Hungarian people if they come to the office.

The office will be open on Thursdays from 17:00 to 19:00 in 2 Dositej Obradović Street, Zenta (in the gateway next to SP Market and the "chicken market"). Jobbik's vice president promised that he would meet citizens personally at least once in each quarter.

In response to Alfahir's question, István Szávay explained the difference between the former office in Szabadka and the current one in Zenta. "We opened a specific party office in Szabadka (Subotica), which we were eventually forced to close under extreme pressure by the authorities. The situation in Zenta is completely different because this office is not a party office. It is the representative office of a Member of Parliament and it's financed by the Hungarian National Assembly. Such offices can be opened outside rump Hungary as well, and I believe it is very important for me to keep a personal contact with citizens living abroad."


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