István Szávay banned from Ukraine

Jobbik calls upon the Hungarian government to take an equally firm stance in any case when a Hungarian citizen is banned from a foreign country, just as it did when certain individuals were banned from travelling into the United States.

In his press conference on Monday, Jobbik's MP and vice president István Szávay said that even though the Hungarian government took a firm stance when certain Hungarian citizens were banned from the United States, demanding the US to provide evidence and further information, the same government did nothing when other Hungarian individuals were banned from neighbouring countries. 

The radical politician reminded the public that he and former Jobbik MP György Gyula Zagyva were banned from Romania for a year last March, yet they never received any legal aid or information from the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection with the case. Several months later, Jobbik's vice president managed to extract some sort of an official statement from the Romanian authorities by way of involving a lawyer, but even that statement failed to reveal any specific information about the ban. "Meanwhile, certain leaders of the Hungarian Guard and the "Betyársereg" organization were banned from Romania when they had not been to the country for months."- added the politician.

In the past few months, several Jobbik politicians were banned from Ukraine due to the elections held in Crimea and the Eastern Ukrainian territories wishing to separate. The same happened to Loránt Hegedűs Jr. as well: he was informed at the Ukrainian border that he had been banned from the country. He has not received any information or legal aid from the Hungarian authorities ever since.

István Szávay also mentioned that he himself had not learnt of his 5-year ban from Ukraine until he arrived at the border. The Ukrainian authorities failed to provide any explanation for their decision. Jobbik's vice president commented that this measure had an impact on his private life as well: his wife is an ethnic Hungarian citizen of Ukraine, so she will be forced to spend Christmas away from her family and she cannot visit her two-year-old goddaughter, either. 

The politician expressed his indignation about the attitude of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and asked them to investigate each ban of Hungarian citizens, even if they don't have connections to the government. In his words, "it is unacceptable" if politicians whose top priority in terms of the Ukrainian crisis is the physical and legal security of the ethnic Hungarian community are banned one by one. 

"The Hungarian government should ask the Hungarian community's opinion about the rule of law in Ukraine, too." István Szávay added. He heavily criticized the practice of the Hungarian diplomatic corps for focusing on complying with the expectations of the EU and the United States instead of representing the interests of the Hungarian nation. He also informed the press that he had submitted his questions about the bans to János Lázár, the Minister of the Prime Minister's Office, who the Information Office reports to.

Answering a question, Jobbik's MP referred to the Prosecutor's Office's motion to lift the diplomatic immunity of André Goodfriend, chargé d'affaires of the US Embassy as playing for time, commenting that the purpose of the move is to "complicate the legal situation as much as possible." He says if the president of the Hungarian Tax Authority had applied for a US visa, she could have already learnt the reason for her ban easily.