Is calling me “Jacob” the new award-winning intellectual product Fidesz was talking about?

Now that there is a growing social cooperation to oust the Orbán regime, Orbán and his media, which is funded by stolen money, put on the old record once again hoping that they could turn Hungarians against each other through instigation and hatemongering. The track is still the old one: Jobbik is Nazi and anti-Semitic and whatnot. Now that they put on this record, let me ask you this: Why does Lőrinc Mészáros’ Echo TV refer to Péter Jakab as “Péter JACOB”? What is their goal? What is their intention? What is the message and who are the audience targeted by the strawman TV’s neo-Christian Democrats and Fidesz’ neo-citizens? Is my great grandfather killed in Auschwitz the reason why Fidesz changed my name at will or is this just business as usual on the “civic” side? Or will they perhaps call Fidesz MP István Jakab “Jacob” from now on, too?

Orbán’s government handed out an award of excellence to this television channel, claiming that its services with their high added value and intellectual novelties gave Hungary a hope to become a strong country again. Having witnessed the unbridled anti-Soros campaign, which reminded some people of anti-Semitism, you might not expect too much added value from Fidesz but let me ask you this: is calling me “Jacob” already the said excellent intellectual novelty or is this just the beginning? 

Péter Jakab, Deputy-Leader of Parliamentary Group, Jobbik

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