International Press Conference 2020.07.07.

The Hungarian Parliament’s newly-elected Deputy Speaker Dr. Koloman Brenner held an international press conference. The event primarily focused on presenting Jobbik’s Declaration of Principles to the international public, but two other important issues were also addressed.

Dr. Koloman Brenner emphasized that the Declaration of Principles was the culmination of Jobbik’s progress into a people’s party which started in 2013 and marks a new era in the movement’s life. He noted that Jobbik is a European party that fully understands the significance of Hungary choosing Europe and Christianity over a thousand years ago. “Our future also lies in a better Europe,” he added, “and we want to participate in building it as Hungary’s only true patriotic, Christian, conservative, centre-right and socially sensitive party.” He said that Jobbik considers Konrad Adenauer, Alcide De Gasperi and Robert Schuman, the Christian founding fathers of the European Union as the ideological predecessors of the party.

The second topic of the press conference was Dr Koloman Brenner’s recent election as the Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament. He thanked Jobbik president Péter Jakab for nominating him for the position and he said he was greatly honoured to serve as the deputy speaker of the National Assembly, which allows him to credibly represent the values laid down in Jobbik’s Declaration of Principles issued last week.

The third and last topic of the press conference was the recent ruling of the European Court of Human Rights, which rejected Jobbik’s appeal against the sanctions imposed on the party by the State Audit Office of Hungary. Dr. Brenner asserted that Jobbik respects judicial independence but he raised some concerns that the international public should be aware of. For example, Jobbik’s application was rejected in a single judge formation by Marko Bosnjak, a judge who has ties to Fidesz. Mr Bosnjak used to work at the law office of current UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin who is a close personal acquaintance of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.