Instead of protecting it, Fidesz sells out Hungary's security

The decision to sell out residency bonds at a discount clearly shows that nothing is precious enough for Fidesz, Jobbik’s MP asserts. The party’s foreign policy specialist Márton Gyöngyösi held an extraordinary press conference on the residency bond issue. As we reported earlier, the Hungarian government is now willing to sell out these bonds at half price.

In Mr Gyöngyösi’s view, the government’s announcement to suspend sales as of March 31 triggered a “while supplies last” panic where customers stampede for the Hungarian bonds. The MP says the proceeds of this business are raked in by Fidesz’ hangers-on, and considering that the former average of 60 bonds per month has just risen to over 450 requests submitted, the business surely still seems lucrative even at this price.

These offshore companies don’t even risk anything as the whole business is covered by state guarantee, while their total profit has reached over 250 bn HUF since 2013. Nothing is precious enough for Fidesz, they are willing to do anything for money, they are even ready to operate a complex corruption mechanism with certain governmental agencies involved.

As an example, Mr Gyöngyösi mentioned the State Debt Management Centre, which refuses to disclose information on the residency bonds. Pointing out the stark contradiction between the government’s seemingly anti-immigration behaviour and the practice of handing out visas to thousands of foreigners through the consular departments of Hungarian embassies, the politician said it raised the suspicion of corruption.

To sum up Fidesz’ acts in this whole affair, Mr Gyöngyösi used a simple phrase: Instead of protecting it, Fidesz sells out Hungary’s security.


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