Instead of a celebration

Fidesz wants to celebrate on 2 May and, without any prior coordination with the other political parties, has submitted a political motion at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic to commemorate the inauguration of the first democratically elected Parliament. The session will finally give an opportunity to see President of the Republic János Áder who has been neglecting his constitutional duties and failed to represent the nation’s unity in these hard times. Furthermore, he immediately signed the coronavirus act, which gives the government special powers indefinitely, into law, adding his own cynical comment to it.

As a national people’s party, Jobbik of course pays tribute to the first democratically elected Hungarian Parliament after the authoritarian Communist rule on 2 May 1990 as it promised a new, civic and democratic development to our nation. Ever since its formation, Jobbik has always strived to realize the hopes we had back then. Consequently, on behalf of the largest opposition party in Parliament, President Péter Jakab and I submitted a motion because we know that the new, democratically-elected Antall government took over Hungary’s administration amidst the former Communist elite’s extensive efforts to carry their power structures and assets over to the new era.

Beside the formal creation of a democratic structure and the rule of law however, historical justice never prevailed and democracy did not bring on the welfare and security that Hungarian citizens expected after the collapse of Communism. To this day, the operators of the single-party Communist system have not been held to account, including the full disclosure of secret police files or a real indemnification of the social groups deprived of their assets and freedom, even though Hungarian citizens have always believed in a social market economy and such European values as the rule of law or the Christian solidarity with the downtrodden.

As the representatives of the people’s party Jobbik, we believe in these values and remember how Hungary got a historical chance to attain freedom, constitutional rule and national sovereignty 30 years ago. We are convinced that democracy does not only mean institutions or electoral systems. We believe that it means, first and foremost, a political culture where the rule of law and constitutional order are of utmost importance. No political force is allowed to strive for exclusive power, the institutions of the Hungarian state must be governed by the principles of professionalism, autonomous decision-making processes as well as the system of checks and balances. 30 years after the first attempt, the 21st century brought the time for the construction of a modern, civic Hungary where freedom, security and prosperity are provided for all Hungarian citizens. That is what the people’s party Jobbik believes in: a secure homeland that offers predictable prosperity for each and every Hungarian citizen. That’s the goal we work for. So we are not going to attend the 2 May event organized by Fidesz’ hypocrites.


Péter Jakab, president and parliamentary group leader; and Dr Koloman Brenner, deputy parliamentary group leader, Jobbik