"Immigration increases tensions in Europe"

"Immigration increases tensions in Europe"

"Jobbik's opinion, which the party has been voicing for years, is becoming more and more relevant: a "No Vacancy" sign should be put up at Europe's borders." stated Dániel Z. Kárpát, the deputy leader of Jobbik's parliamentary group in his press conference on Monday.

The politician said that Europe's attempt to solve its own demographic problems by involving external help "has failed completely." He pointed out that these efforts became a hotbed for clashes of cultures, leading to inherent system errors that Europe is unable to solve in the long run. Referring to these problems, Dániel  Z. Kárpát stated Jobbik's categoric opinion of an increasing immigration into Hungary being out of the question. The patriotic party believes that the Hungarian society should ensure its own reproduction without external resources, by way of slowing down the population decline in the country. An excellent method would be to implement Jobbik's residential construction and housing development programme.

The number of refugees is an intensifying problem in Hungary, too

Talking about the issue of refugees, the deputy leader of Jobbik's parliamentary group described the situation as "a time bomb ticking away." "In the past 1-2 years, the number of refugees has grown by more than 800 per cent." reminded Z. Kárpát.

The politician noted that a significant share of these refugees arrive in Hungary without any official identification or they destroy their documents at the border. Some of them may potentially harm the host community or might even go as far as to commit terrorist acts in certain cases. "So Hungary may be at significant risk in that regard as well." added the MP. He also reminded the public that some of the refugees are accommodated in non-restricted or semi-restricted institutions set up in residential areas.

Dániel Z. Kárpát referred to the complaints of the neighbouring communities which had prompted Jobbik to publicly call for the resolution of the intolerable situation in the refugee camps and accommodation facilities. He mentioned the examples of the camps in Balassagyarmat and Debrecen, where the "refugees" were involved in acquisitive crimes, several instances of disturbance of peace and harassment of women.

The politician criticized the communication of the Hungarian government as well. Even though the government had been making statements that were "almost in line with Jobbik's views" with regard to the immigration issue, he reminded the journalists that several town municipalities have received circular mails from the Ministry of Interior Affairs to release  their existing available sites with an area of five thousand square metres to the government for the purposes of establishing refugee camps there.

Jobbik advocates zero tolerance

Dániel Z. Kárpát outlined the action plan that the patriotic party expects the government to implement immediately: assess the potential security threats on the Hungarian population; restrict the currently non-restricted or semi-restricted camps until the end of the investigation and to move these institutions out of the residential areas in the long run. He also mentioned that Hungary has the EU's border section with perhaps the highest number of refugees per kilometre. He noted that László Toroczkai, the Mayor of Ásotthalom constantly had to face a massive influx of refugees whose background, aims, and earlier conduct was completely unknown to the authorities. He quoted the alarming figure that about ten thousand incoming refugees out of the total number of nearly twenty thousand disappear from the radar of the authorities within weeks. This is a significant national security risk.

"We urge the government to take immediate action, zero tolerance is needed and the overly liberal immigration system must be limited." pointed out Z. Kárpát Dániel. Jobbik wants to know how much of Hungarian taxpayers' money is spent on the maintenance of the non-restricted or semi-restricted refugee camps, on their health care services as well as what security risks Hungarian citizens are subjected to.

They don't consider it an issue of religion

In response to a question, he said Hungary was currently a transit country but we may soon become a target country due to the more severe regulations introduced in Western Europe. He warned that Brussels had already made such statements that they would force the countries in the EU's periphery to build refugee camps based on a quota.

Answering another question, Dániel Z. Kárpát pointed out that Hungary was a Christian country but he voiced his opinion that the immigration debate is not about the Muslim community. Jobbik considers immigration as an economic and security issue, not a religious one.

Discussion forum on anti-terrorism

Last Friday, Jobbik proposed to immediately set up an anti-terrorism discussion forum consisting of the security experts of the parliamentary parties, in order to address the issues related to the Paris massacre. Also on Friday, Antal Rogán, the leader of the parliamentary group of government party Fidesz announced that the parliamentary group leaders were summoned for a meeting, based on a Jobbik initiative. The Socialists and the Politics Can Be Different party have already informed the National Assembly that the leaders of their parliamentary groups would attend the meeting.