Illusions about Gábor Vona's trip to London

Illusions about Gábor Vona's trip to London. 

A British politician envisioned political meetings in relation to Gábor Vona's visit to London. The truth is that Jobbik's Prime Minister candidate is holding a forum for Hungarians citizens who emigrated to London.

Andrew Dismore –a London Assembly member - wrote a letter to Theresa May, the British Home Secretary urging her to ban Gábor Vona's event on Sunday – says The article points out that Gábor Vona will meet the representatives of the British National Party as well as the members of the Greek Golden Dawn party, who openly admire Adolf Hitler.

This falsified information was provided by ‘Hope not hate’ who clearly do not represent their ‘true value’ but rather promote hatred. Hopefully their hate campaign will cease to exist.  

Mr Vona will hold a forum in the British capital on 26th January and   
will not meet any political parties, neither the Greek Golden Dawn, nor the British National Party. The forum will be held in light of the upcoming Hungarian national elections.