If you reject Orbán’s Chinese vaccine, you lose your civil rights?

"If you reject Orbán’s Chinese vaccine, you lose your civil rights ? 

Here’s how Fidesz’ “pandemic management” works: while Orbán is busy trying to push some vaccine of questionable origin on the Hungarian people, Gergely Gulyás has just announced that they would introduce a certificate of vaccination, too. Obviously, yet another health certificate is just what this country needs when torn and wrinkled paper slips are still used as health insurance cards even in 2021. Furthermore, Fidesz doesn’t even tell you what purposes the vaccination certificate will be used for. They are saving that information for later. 

I guess DoctorMrPrimeMinister will determine what rights you can have and what rights you lose from now on, depending on who you are...

As a Member of the European Parliament, I do my best to keep Covid vaccination voluntary! Instead of blackmail and coercion, use results to convince the people! Any discrimination of citizens is intolerable in Europe; we Hungarians want nothing to do with the methods of Orbán’s Asian pals. Hold all Fidesz racketeers to account, ensure welfare for all Hungarians!" - Jobbik MEP Márton Gyöngyösi