If you come to Hungary, you can take away Hungarians’ jobs

Based on an earlier resolution of the Ministry for the National Economy, it is increasingly easier to import labour force to Hungary. Driven by this idea, the Fidesz-Christian Democratic government is now looking for Ukrainian workers to settle in Hungary, in other words, they promote labour force migration at the expense of Hungarian workers.

While Jobbik is fighting for western wages, Fidesz favours maintaining an eastern wage level. It is unfortunate that the government shows no effort whatsoever to reduce the gap between Hungarian and Western European wages and they never stipulated anything to that effect in the strategic agreements with multinational companies, either.

Jobbik is initiating a European referendum on the wage union while Fidesz keeps silent about this matter in Brussels. They lie idly by while Hungary goes empty with hundred thousands of our people leaving the country behind on account of the low wages and grim prospects. Y2016 statistical figures show that Hungarians working abroad transfer about 1000 bn HUF home while a January 2017 survey reveals that the number of Hungarians working in Austria has doubled since 2012. Among others, these data clearly demonstrate that the Fidesz government makes Hungarian people flee their country, and the leaders want to replace them with cheap imported labour force.


Dániel Z. Kárpát, Jobbik’s vice president and János Bencsik, the vice president of Jobbik’s National Policy Cabinet