“If János Pócs were a member of Jobbik, the Prosecutor General would already have started an investigation”

Female opposition MPs held a joint press conference to condemn Fidesz MP János Pócs’ scandalous video and the the MP’s refusal to deal with the matter. Andrea Varga-Damm, Anita Potocskáné Kőrösi (Jobbik), Ágnes Kunhalmi, Ildikó Bagóné Borbély, Zita Gurmai (Hungarian Socialist Party), Krisztina Hohn (Politics Can Be Different), Ágnes Vadai (Democratic Coalition), Tímea Szabó (Dialogue), Bernadett Szél (independent) and Anett Bősz (independent) submitted a joint motion to Speaker László Kövér to get his fellow party member resign from his seat.

According to Jobbik MP Andrea Varga-Damm, female opposition politicians felt they could not let Fidesz MP János Pócs’ 2008 video go without a complaint and consequences. The recording shows Mr Pócs forcing a Roma man enter a huge furnace and then throwing a burning paper next to him.

Tímea Szabó gave a brief overview of the released video’s content and explained that János Pócs had committed an act that would make him unfit for not only the Parliament but for being involved in politics, too. In her view, the statute of limitations does not mean that Mr Pócs should not be in prison since the most severe cases of duress are punishable by 3 years of imprisonment. She added that the action clearly showed how little Fidesz’ male politicians care about honour and human dignity, so Mr Pócs should immediately resign from his seat. She also criticized Cabinet Minister Gergely Gulyás for giving the excuse that Mr Pócs was not yet a Member of Parliament at the time of this act. She compared it to Fidesz’ usual practice of digging out affairs from 10-20 years ago just to smear the party’s opponents. She reminded that not only did Mr Pócs feel no remorse over his act, he even said he would do it again.  The MP asked Fidesz to publicly condemn Mr Pócs’ actions.

Ágnes Vadai reminded the journalists that Viktor Orbán had been talking a lot about “ the European People’s Party’s useful idiots” but he “talked very little about Fidesz’ useless idiots” such as János Pócs. She noted that if the Prime Minister, in his function as Fidesz’s president, refuses to take the necessary steps in the matter, then they would turn to Speaker László Kövér, who is also the chairman of Fidesz’ general assembly. Perhaps he can get János Pócs to resign, who is unwilling to do so on his own.

Zita Gurmai said you could not make jokes about burning people. In any normal country, the affected MP should have resigned the day after the video was released or, if he is unwilling to do so, then his own political community should expel him, she added. In her view, Mr Pócs wants to get away with this scandal because “he’s morally weak, he has no spine and we suspect he’s hungry for money and power”. Her message to László Kövér was that if he did care at all about the dignity of the National Assembly, he should not remain passive this time.

Bernadett Szél said female opposition MPs were horrified last week to see how Fidesz was trying to make pathetic excuses and present this completely unfunny incident as a joke. In her view, János Pócs is openly racist and anti-Semitic. She referred to another event when Mr Pócs wrote “He was Soros!” on a slaughtered pig. She noted he was setting the worst possible example for citizens who look to Members of Parliament for guidance in social behaviour. Ms Szél emphasized the fact that Mr Pócs can show this kind of conduct to employees and Roma people in Hungary was a clear indication of Mr Pócs’ and Fidesz’ opinion of these people.

She found it particularly dishonourable that the politician hid behind the religious fast and refused to answer questions about this matter, which was a “spit in the face of all commandments”. “If János Pócs were a member of Jobbik, the Prosecutor General would already have ordered an investigation an account of preparation for manslaughter,” Andrea Varga-Damm emphasized, noting that the furnace Mr Pócs forced his late employee enter into, was suitable for terminating a person’s life.

he added that “if János Pócs were a member of Jobbik, the motion to suspend his legal immunity would already be on the Speaker’s desk.” She pointed out how Fidesz applied double standards when they said Mr Pócs didn’t have to resign because he was not yet an MP at the time when the video was recorded. In contrast, she was demanded by a state secretary and two MPs to resign on account of contracts she signed 24 years ago in the context of her legal work. After their press conference held in the Parliament building, the MPs went to Speaker László Kövér’s office together to submit their motion for Mr Pócs’ resignation.


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