Hungary’s authoritarian regime attempts to muffle opposition challenger

The government has been using force to attack the freedom of speech and the leading opposition party, Jobbik. After suppressing the freedom of the press, Fidesz is now restricting the freedom of speech, too. Applying unlawful force through government agencies, the regime began scraping off outdoor media signs owned by Jobbik. The acts of the government agency constitute vandalism and a violation of private property rights. We will take all possible legal actions against the vandalism and vandalizers now raised to government level. 

Viktor Orbán has already been showing signs of paranoia in his fear of Jobbik. They have been employing countless lowly and dishonest means against us (smear campaigns, illegal surveillance) but they have now sunken so low that they are using force to remove legitimate political messages. Typically enough, the government applies unscrupulous and illegal measures against three things: the real blocking of migration, raising wages and holding corrupt politicians accountable. These are the three pledges that the Orbán regime particularly dislikes since they were the ones represented on the billboards scraped off.

Jobbik refuses to tolerate the use of means characteristic of dictatorships. This is where we must draw a line, we will not allow them to build up an authoritarian system! Let Jobbik win in 2018!

György Szilágyi, Member of Parliament, Jobbik