Hungary steps up for democracy - Gábor Vona is grateful for donations

In a brief interview for conservative daily Magyar Nemzet, Jobbik’s president said the campaign to collect support against the anti-democratic SAO-fine had been “the most successful political fund-raising effort”. Talking about the State Audit Office’s procedure, he called upon PM Viktor Orbán to have this “twisted agenda” against the strongest challenger revoked. As it was reported earlier, Jobbik launched a fund-raising campaign on account of the nearly 2-million-Euro fine imposed on the party last Friday. They have already received donations worth over 85 thousand Euros.

Answering the journalist’s question on whether he would use some of his savings to donate for the cause, he said: “Yes, of course I will, (...) we know what we have to do, too.”

He added that Jobbik’s MPs had always been actively involved in various fund-raising efforts as they had all donated 10 per cent of their remunerations to charity, commenting that “in a situation when Hungarian people donate from their savings or very low wages to help Jobbik survive”, the party’s politicians would obviously reach into their own pockets, too. The president claimed their campaign was “the most successful political fund-raising effort”, for which they are very grateful to the people.

Addressing the concerns that donors had to provide their addresses which might raise fears in the suffocating political atmosphere created by Fidesz, Jobbik’s Candidate for Prime Minister said: “The only way to collect donations is the legal way, which has certain conditions.” Mr Vona expressed his hope that nobody would be deterred from standing up for the rule of law and democracy, adding his opinion that Hungarian people probably felt the same way as Jobbik had received donations from “citizens we never thought would do so”.

“This cause is already way above partisanship in that regard,” the opposition leader said, emphasizing how happy he was that so many organizations, including Politics Can Be Different and Momentum, decided to join Jobbik’s demonstration to be held in front of Fidesz’ head office on Friday. On that note, he added that it was “not going to be just a Jobbik event”, they would welcome all participants, and explained that: “Considering where the donations come from, the entire country seems to have moved for this cause.”

Mr Vona sent a message to PM Orbán as well: “I call upon the Prime Minister (...) to tell the people who he prompted to launch this twisted agenda four months before the national elections, to withdraw it now.”


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