Hungary shall belong to Hungarians as long as we breathe

We must face the fact that Europe's current political mindset and leadership are unable to efficiently contain, let alone overcome the terrorist threat arising by way of the immigration influx. Perhaps that was the most important message of Jobbik's demonstration held in Budapest on Wednesday, where the patriotic party has yet again rejected the EU's mandatory migrant quota.

"We don't want immigration! We don't want terrorism!" This was the topic of Jobbik's demonstration held in front of the Representation of the European Commission in Hungary. On a surprisingly mild November day, hundreds of people gathered to voice their opinions against the return of immigrants to Hungary from Western Europe.

Naturally, the organizers were making a point by choosing this particular venue. It was the European Commission, led by Jean-Claude Juncker, to come up with and insist upon the absurd idea that the immigrants flooding Europe could or should be reallocated to EU member states across the continent.

The demonstration began with a minute of silence in the memory of the Paris victims. Then Jobbik's spokesman Ádám Mirkóczky welcomed the demonstrators, telling them that the purpose of this event was to convey a message and to cry for help so we could declare that we don't want to dread the terror of such people whose anger we never provoked. We want this kind of life neither for ourselves nor for the future generations.

However, it is also time to honestly face the facts: the kind of political mentality that led Europe into this state must not be maintained," emphasized the politician.
The next speaker, Jobbik's vice president Dániel Z. Kárpát harshly criticized the leaders of the European Union and reminded the demonstrators of the ultimate goal of the event: to declare that Hungarian people refuse to tolerate no-go zones, where the laws of the host nation don't apply in practice, instead, people live according to the rules of the immigrants and that's the very reason why these districts are the hotbeds and control centres of terrorism.

"This is the suicide of Europe", the patriotic opposition MP pointed out, making his party's standpoint clear: no Hungarian citizen should ever pay the price for forced reallocation, neither with our money, nor our daughters or in any other way.

The radical politician reminded the participants that Jobbik was the only party willing to listen to the opinion of the Hungarian people and would hold a binding referendum so that they could at least have a chance to say no to the European Commission's idea to settle foreigners in Hungary.

"Based on the current state of affairs, we national radicals must declare zero tolerance on immigration," said Dániel Z. Kárpát.
Referring to the behaviour of a meek and pacified Western Europe escaping into hedonism, he said it was frightening to see the lack of defence capabilities, which will ultimately lead to disaster in these war times. He also criticized the Orbán government for having refused to stand for the referendum, not daring to rely on the votes of 4 million people and failing to turn the tables on Brussels' leaders in order to demand new rules of the game in the European Union.

"If the Hungarian government is unable to stand for the interests of the Hungarian nation, then all we need in the Parliament is a translation office who will adapt the European Commission's decisions to our law," Z. Kárpát expressed his view on the current state of affairs. He said the evidence for his statements was that the leaders of any normal country could never get away with what the viceroys of Europe had been doing.

At the end of his speech he made a promise: Jobbik will be worthy of the challenge to protect our nation no matter who attacks it!
Ádám Mirkóczky also added that the two people responsible for Europe's current crisis were German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. "I don't think the EU ever had more harmful leaders than this couple," added the politician.

The failure of multiculturalism is obvious for everybody and even if the West is already lost, nobody can deprive Eastern Central Europe of its right to preserve the continent together with its traditional values, religion and culture.

Referring to the incompetency of the current political leadership, the spokesman of the patriotic party cited a shocking example. Ádám Mirkóczky happens to be a member of the National Security Committee and he was astounded to see that a government-party MP was looking for the Islamic State on the map during a meeting.
"Such people can never protect Europe," he pointed out, adding that the Orbán government follows US instructions and Washington does not care where the bombs are dropped and blown up.

"Europe and several other countries that have had no role in triggering the immigration influx or creating the Islamic State, are now suffering from the consequences of this US policy," said Mirkóczky, reminding the participants that a US military leader admitted that they had helped creating this terrorist group in order to weaken Syria.

According to the patriotic MP, we have but one task now: not to allow any people to enter the country, not because we are heartless but because we see the tragedies of other nations, said Mirkóczky in reference to the Paris terrorist attacks that claimed over a hundred victims.

He also emphasized that the rising national consciousness in EU countries may be another reason for the Merkel-Juncker duo to promote immigration so intensively. However, when it comes down to the question of us or them, we must choose ourselves.

Gábor Vona began his speech by thanking the participants for coming in such high numbers to demonstrate against the European Commission's mandatory migrant quota.
Jobbik's president also underlined that this terror wave would never have reached Europe if the EU had had other kind of leaders.

Gábor Vona listed four aspects to consider in terms of immigration.

1. This is not a partisan issue. Gábor Vona explained that Jobbik has been true to its slogan "only the nation" and decided to rise above partisanship in order to support the national cause. However, even though Jobbik showed a good example, none of the other parties followed suit.
2. Although this massive migration wave did come as a surprise to many people, it was foreseeable. The president emphasized that while the climate change, the water shortage and the demographic boom as well as the ongoing wars had clearly pointed to the possibility of a huge mass of people spontaneously setting out on the road to a weak and defenceless Europe, the process also showed signs of careful organization and conscious planning. Nevertheless, this is just the beginning, and the European Union must get prepared for a long-term immigration wave, which entails the possibility of terrorist acts as well. On the other hand, even if the EU is unable to protect itself, we must still protect our own country.
3. All religions must be respected but each in its own continent. Gábor Vona added that even though the Muslim religion cannot be identified with the Islamic State, Hungary is unable to integrate a mass of people whose identity cannot be harmonized with our values.
4. The refugees crossing the EU border must be regarded as immigrants, who no longer flee from war but merely come to settle here.

In Gábor Vona's view, the Merkel-Juncker duo may be driven by two ideas: one is the utterly mistaken concept of multiculturalism, the other is a desire for cheap labour.

Jobbik's president also explained why the mandatory migrant quota must be rejected:

- The quota is nothing but a letter of invitation, a Trojan horse that is not even built by the enemy but the natives themselves.
- Since there are no borders within the Schengen zone, it is absurd to think that the free march of migrants could somehow be halted.
- It is unjust because countries that had no role whatsoever in triggering this process are now forced to pay the bill, too.
- The Paris attacks have also shown how dangerous this negligent attitude is, since immigration and terror go hand in hand.

That's why Hungary should hold a binding referendum, which would then spread across the states of the European Union as wildfire, the president said.

In conclusion, Gábor Vona stated that if a hundred thousand people arrive at our border, a hundred thousand of us will go there to protect it, if one million come, then one million Hungarians will stand guard there. No matter what, Hungary shall belong to Hungarians as long as we can breathe.


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photos: Béli Balázs