Hungary needs western wages instead of eastern workers

By giving tax breaks and preferential treatment such as HUF-billion state subsidies to multinational companies and adopting the slavery act, Hungary’s government has encouraged the international big business to the point where they think they can do anything to Hungarian workers. Striking employees are rounded up in corrals in Miskolc; Suzuki fires workers who want to form a union in Esztergom while Spar refuses to pay even the guaranteed minimum wage as the basic salary. Instead, they are now threatening to bring cheap Ukrainian labourers to replace the Hungarian ones.

This is where we ended up due to Fidesz’ policy which involves a governmental rejection of the European Wage Union, considers cheap labour as Hungary’s competitive edge and launches a government programme to recruit Ukrainian workers for companies like Spar.

What the Hungarian economy needs is not eastern labourers but western wages. The labour shortage problem should be solved by offering higher wages to bring back Hungarian workers from Western Europe rather than settling 86 thousand immigrants in Hungary through a government programme.


Péter Jakab, deputy leader of Jobbik's Parliamentary Group