Hungary must be protected from Viktor Orbán!

Viktor Orbán’s congress address could have been delivered by any burnt-out authoritarian leader who has a mania to present himself as the saviour of Hungary or even Europe and disowns everyone who disagree with his party. What Viktor Orbán is concerned about is not Hungary but only his own power: as the last remaining politician of the 20th century, he has made one more attempt to mobilize Fidesz voters by inciting hatred. In the meantime, he disowned the vast majority of Hungarian citizens who want to change the government, thus proving that he prefers to be the Prime Minister of Fidesz voters rather than the whole country.  

Someone who lives in denial of the increasing impoverishment, ignores such issues as the emigration of our people, the problems in our healthcare and education, the rampant corruption and keeps silent about the fact that none other than Fidesz has settled 20 thousand migrants in Hungary through the residency bond business lining the pockets of pro-government companies, is unfit for representing Hungary. Today, Viktor Orbán widened the trenches separating the groups of our society. It will be Jobbik’s job to fill up these trenches and offer a compromise for all our compatriots, regardless of their political preferences.

Today, we heard that Viktor Orbán wanted to stay Prime Minister even at the age of 70. If we can do something about it, he will no longer be PM in six months. As the strongest challenger in the 2018 elections, Jobbik will protect Hungary from immigration and Viktor Orbán, too.  

Gábor Vona, Jobbik’s candidate for Prime Minister