Hungary is no longer a free country

Hungary is now only partly free – says international organization Freedom House’s latest report on the rule of law and the respect for human rights. Jobbik also believes that Orbán’s growing dictatorship cannot be described as a free country. By now, Hungary’s independent public institutions have ceased to exist, the freedom of the press is in ruins while fewer and fewer people dare to express their opinions or political beliefs because they fear a retaliation from the power. What can opposition politicians and independently thinking NGOs expect from the Fidesz regime? What they can expect are intimidation, smear campaigns run by the taxpayer-financed propaganda media empire and vexation by the authorities. Jobbik has experienced each of those, the latest being the unjust and absurd fine imposed on us by the authoritarian State Audit Office. However, we refuse to give up the struggle, we will keep fighting for a free, democratic and safe Hungary to the end. We’ll keep fighting even if Fidesz’ only response to all that will be nothing but: SOROS!


Márton Gyöngyösi, Parliamentary faction leader, Jobbik