2014-12-28 18:07
István Szávay also mentioned that he himself had not learnt of his 5-year ban from Ukraine until he arrived at the border.
2014-11-18 09:47
Jobbik hopes that Klaus Johannis truly wants to be the president of Romanians as well as the ethnic minorities living in Romania, including the Hungarian community in Transylvania.
2014-09-03 09:37
Gábor Vona believes that currently the rights of the Hungarian community are not guaranteed, so the "Sword of Damocles" is overhanging the people of the Lower Carpathians; the situation is c
2014-08-22 16:27
Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary finds it outrageous that Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Tibor Navracsics considers the protection of the Hungarian community of the Lower Carpathi
2014-08-11 16:54
"This is not a Hungarian war, and neither is it the war of any other nation in the Lower Carpathians", so we must speak out for the Hungarian, Ruthenian and Ukrainian families alike – he sta
2014-08-09 15:36
Gábor Vona says no matter what the Romanian state does, Szeklerland will sooner or later have its autonomy.
2014-07-31 14:35
Lots of rumours and misinformation are being spread about the Ukrainian situation, which clearly shows that people are afraid and there is a near-panic among Hungarians in the Lower Carpathians - poin
2014-07-16 17:09
Jobbik party has called on the government to protest against the ongoing conscription of ethnic Hungarians into the Ukrainian army and the planned relocation of Ukrainian refugees to western Ukraine’s
2014-04-17 22:22
Jobbik is worried to see the escalation of the Ukrainian crisis, especially the impacts on the situation of Hungarians in the Lower Carpathians.
2014-03-13 15:02
We have two potential explanations here. You were either misinformed, or you play a lowly and anti-Hungarian political game.