2015-10-19 11:31
The Deputy Speaker of the Slovakian Parliament announced they were going to pass legislation to regulate who could conduct political activities in Slovakia.
2015-10-15 16:03
"Instead of a contest in disavowing Jobbik, Slovakia's Hungarian politicians should rather compete in representing the interests of the local Hungarian community," István Szávay said
2015-10-14 15:57
Tamás Sneider, the vice president of Jobbik and the Hungarian National Assembly personally delivered donations to Transcarpathi
2015-10-13 16:32
Jobbik performed voluntary work in Horgos, Vojvodina on Sunday
2015-09-23 15:09
Jobbik cannot accept any military conscription quota because even a single Hungarian victim would be one too many
2015-09-14 10:27
Crossers of the Hungary-Ukraine border have been experiencing 4-5 hours of waiting time each direction for over a month, which is intolerable
2015-08-03 09:11
Exactly 70 years ago the infamous Beneš Decrees were issued in order to enforce a total legal deprivation of ethnic Hungarian and German citizens living in the territory of Czechoslovakia.
2015-07-12 19:34
The Transcarpathian town of Munkács (Mukachevo) is living in civil war conditions as the gunmen of extremist Right Sector (Praviy Sektor) engaged in a gunfight with the bodyguards of an MP and the arr
2015-07-11 10:14
In Jobbik's opinion, the fundamental interest of the Hungarian community living in the Lower Carpathians lies in the achievement of the widest possible consensus in the Hungarian political sphere
2015-06-17 16:59
Jobbik's vice president stated it was unacceptable that Ukraine taxes the subsidies of the Hungarian state provided for ethnic Hungarian teachers in the Lower Carpathian region.