2015-12-04 11:42
Jobbik Youth Platform deeply condemns the procedure conducted by the Romanian authorities against some Transylvanian members of Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement (HVIM)
2015-12-04 08:51
The operation, or rather the lack of operation of the De Gasperi Institute for Minority Rights (KJI) was criticized by Jobbik's vice presidents
2015-12-03 10:06
On the national day of Romania, two Hungarian men held a demonstration in the square in front of the mayor's office in Nagyvárad
2015-11-27 16:50
Sneider: It is uplifting to see the Transcarpathian Hungarians' will to live, especially their will to live as Hungarians. They never give up on that even in the greatest hardships.
2015-11-27 16:46
Jobbik's fifth foreign friendship group was established in Zurich this weekend
2015-11-16 09:33
István Szávay has no intention to close his representative office in Slovakia and will turn to international forums concerning the banning resolution passed in Slovakia today
2015-11-05 10:31
As a delegate of the Hungarian National Assembly, Jobbik MP László Lukács participated in the meeting of the CEI Parliamentary Assembly General Committee on Cultural Affairs in Rome
2015-11-01 17:14
Szávay expressed his hope that the people of Vojvodina will understand that the aim of the office is neither provocation nor an action against something.
2015-10-28 13:36
We thank all Transcarpathian Hungarian citizens for their participation in the elections and supporting Hungarian candidates and party lists, thus contributing to this great, joint achievement.
2015-10-19 22:56
After Munich, New York and London, Jobbik established a friendship group in Vienna, too.