2017-09-27 09:37
Jobbik is indignant to hear that, despite all the protests Ukraine’s president Petro Porosenko signed the new education law
2017-09-11 08:31
István Szávay inquired into the Hungarian foreign affairs minister’s position on Ukraine’s language act and expressed his opinion on the failure of Hungarian diplomacy.
2017-09-07 09:50
Jobbik expects the Hungarian government to take a categorical and firm stance against the amendment of the Ukrainian education act and to prevent it from being signed into law and becoming effective
2017-08-20 18:41
Announcing his tenth commitment in his Friday press conference,Gábor Vona promised a more intensive struggle for the autonomy of Hungarian communities living abroad.
2017-06-16 09:29
Jobbik MP István Szávay asked Secretary of State for National Policy Árpád János Potápi about the Hungarian government’s strategy on Hungarian schools operating abroad
2017-06-05 12:43
“There is no future without the past but commemoration must be more than just protocol”
2017-05-06 14:06
“Serbia’s EU accession talks offer a historic opportunity to enforce and enhance the rights of the Hungarian community but this chance will not be there for long,” István Szávay emphasized
2017-04-29 20:32
Jobbik is the only party in Hungary to offer membership for Hungarians living in the territories torn away from us as well as for those who left the country en masse typically for economic reasons
2017-04-23 21:28
The Hungarian People’s Party of Transylvania held its 5th general assembly meeting today and the event was attended by Jobbik’s spokesman István Apáti
2016-12-21 18:25
In Jobbik's view, Hungary's unconditional support for Ukraine's EU integration is yet another self-destructive compromise made by our government