Hungarian state covertly funds Kiev's war?

Jobbik's vice president stated it was unacceptable that Ukraine taxes the subsidies of the Hungarian state provided for ethnic Hungarian teachers in the Lower Carpathian region. István Szávay said it was either utter dilettantism and negligence or an outright intention of the Hungarian government to provide financial assistance for "Ukraine's war machine."

In his press conference, the politician quoted the government's announcement of 13th April that Hungary wished to fund the Hungarian community in the Lower Carpathians with over 650 million HUF. Jobbik's vice president welcomed the initiative which ensures 

•an additional remuneration of 486 million HUF for nearly 2000 teachers in the Lower Carpathians,

•116 million HUF to contribute to the food allowance of 4000 children of kindergarten age,

•and 50 million HUF for aiding pastoral services. 

There would be no teachers left

István Szávay noted that the subsidy would continue to be provided through OTP Bank, but he expressed his hope that this time the bank would take better care of Hungarian-language administration and to employ as many Hungarian clerks as possible.

"As a Hungarian party dedicated to the survival of the Hungarian community, Jobbik welcomes all governmental measures intended to help the Hungarians of the Lower Carpathians who are in a difficult situation"

said István Szávay, adding that help is especially needed now when the wages are so low in the public sector that there is a realistic threat that there would be no teachers left to work with the children of the Hungarian community in the Lower Carpathians.

Money flowing into the Ukrainian state budget

However, he also noted that "the Hungarian press of the Lower Carpathians has published worrying news" about the subsidies. He explained that Kiev would tax the funds provided for teachers:

they will impose a 15% income tax and a 1.5% extraordinary war tax on the subsidies coming from the Hungarian state.

The tax amounts to 60-70 million HUF annually, and the county municipalities only get to keep 10% of it, 90% of the money will go directly to the central government in Kiev.

"This means that the Hungarian state will fund Kiev's war machine with 60-70 million HUF annually, which is unacceptable"

explained Jobbik's MP, adding that the affected teachers will lose 30 thousand HUF of the total annual sum of 180 thousand HUF they are entitled to. He noted that 30 thousand HUF is more than a monthly salary in the Lower Carpathians nowadays. Szávay said it was still unclear whether this tax would also be imposed on the food allowance of kindergarten children and the pastoral services, but if so, then "the Ukrainian national budget will rake in some more millions of HUF."

Jobbik expects the Hungarian government to explain "why they failed to agree with the Ukrainian government not to tax the funds for the entitled parties?"

Covert deal to finance the war machine?

István Szávay pointed out how incomprehensible the whole situation is: since the Hungarian government helps to finance the jobs of the Ukrainian government, Hungary would have really been justified to ask for a tax exemption in this case. "We very much hope that it is not some sort of a covert deal and the competent Hungarian decision makers did not agree to financing Ukraine's war efforts." Jobbik's vice president pointed out.

He added that the government was either unprofessional, dilettante or negligent enough to prevent it, or they decided to fund Ukraine's war machine by tens of millions of HUF each year.

István Szávay explained that the war should be ended as soon as possible, since it is no good for anybody in Ukraine. "Hungary's interest is to have peace in Ukraine and Jobbik will do its best to support it, so that the ethnic minorities living in the territory of Ukraine, including the members of the Hungarian community, could live in peace and prosperity under the rule of law" he said. He added that Jobbik expected the Hungarian government to demand clear conditions for Ukraine's accession to the EU so that the rights of ethnic communities would be fully respected.

Talking about the fund raising campaign  conducted by the Campus for the Future Foundation, István Szávay said that the donations collected by Jobbik "are guaranteed to reach their destination and are guaranteed to be given to Hungarian families".


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