Hungarian people get slavery act for Christmas from János Áder

Toeing the government’s line, the President of the Republic also obeyed the command of foreign big business and signed the slavery act into law. In line with the hypocritical and cynical attitude so typical of Fidesz, János Áder even mocked Hungarian workers by wishing them a merry Christmas at the same time. Even though the majority of the country rejects the act’s inhumane and anti-family provisions, Fidesz lords just shrug any resistance off as they want to line their pockets rather then serve the people. We have seen the same attitude in terms of the migrant business when it was revealed that, contrary to the propaganda, the government was willing to let anyone in Hungary as long as they pay good money. Jobbik will keep fighting even more intensely against Viktor Orbán’s corrupt and pseudo-national regime, and we call on all honest Hungarian people to do so, too.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary