Hungarian opposition submits motion to remove SAO President László Domokos from office

Ever since 2010, the theoretically independent State Audit Office (SAO) has been headed by a former Fidesz lawmaker, László Domokos. All opposition parties have been fined HUF millions, tens of millions and even hundreds of millions in recent years by Domokos’ SAO while Fidesz, despite running clearly unlawful campaigns, has not been imposed any penalty by the same authority. Furthermore, the SAO keeps abusing the situation where its decisions cannot be appealed in court even though we can provide clear evidence that we have abided by the legal regulations.

Democratic Coalition, the Hungarian Socialist Party, Jobbik, Dialogue, Politics Can Be Different, together with independent MPs Bernadett Szél and Anett Bősz, submitted a joint motion to remove SAO President László Domokos from office. It is a fundamental Hungarian interest that the financial administration of opposition parties be overseen by an independent, non-partisan State Audit Office rather than a Fidesz puppet. If the Fidesz-delegated members of the committee turn down our motion, we will consider their action an open admission that Fidesz uses the SAO as a tool to whitewash its own business administration and bleed out the opposition.

Márton Gyöngyösi

Gergely Arató
Democratic Coalition

Tamás Harangozó
Hungarian Socialist Party

Olivio Kocsis-Cake

Lóránt Keresztes
Politics Can Be Different

Bernadett Szél
Independent MP

Anett Bősz
Independent MP