Hungarian government’s new lucrative business after theft: propaganda

Hungary’s government has squandered HUF 65 billion (approximately EUR 200 million) of the taxpayers’ money on its own false propaganda in a year. Although the Orbán administration originally allocated HUF 25 billion to communication, they eventually spent two and half times more than this already horrendous amount. In other words, they handed out a record sum to line the pockets of Fidesz-friendly business groups, advertising companies and the completely unviable and uncompetitive fake news factories they call media outlets. Jobbik’s position is clear: the government has spent exactly 65 bn HUF more on propaganda than its real worth.

This astronomical sum could have been much better spent in any other area, not to mention the development and enhancement of hospitals and schools or helping to reduce the European east-west wage gap.

After heading the European black list of stealing public monies and overpriced tenders, the Orbán government is now the biggest spender on false, hateful and ego-tripping propaganda, too. It is quite fitting to a corrupt semi-dictatorship.


Péter Jakab, parliamentary faction leader, Jobbik