Hungarian government out to destroy Count Széchenyi’s legacy

In his Wednesday press conference, MP Koloman Brenner demanded the restoration of freedom in higher education and the Academy of Sciences. According to the deputy leader of Jobbik’s parliamentary faction, the government conducts a completely anti-science and anti-intellectual policy.

Mr Brenner noted that Count István Széchenyi donated his annual income to promote sciences in Hungary. In contrast, the current government wants to ignore and destroy this legacy, he said. “The government’s intention to reshape the financing structure of the research institutes belonging to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is yet another pinnacle in Fidesz’ and Viktor Orbán’s anti-science, anti-knowledge and anti-intellectual policy, which will lead to Hungary losing its intellectual elite in the medium term,” Jobbik’s politician added.

Mr Brenner pointed out that the Academy’s “reorganization” may cause over 5 thousand researchers to leave the country so that they could continue their scientific work.  This would be a disaster for Hungary because countries that lose their intellectual elite are bound to impoverish. “We are talking about people who speak several languages and are embedded in the international scientific community. They will find their place abroad after Hungary’s academic sphere is bled out,” he emphasized.

Fidesz in EPP’s net

In response to Alfahír's question as to why Fidesz MEPs voted to re-elect Manfred Weber as the leader of the European People’s Party group even though they had been attacking him a lot, Jobbik’s MP said:  “Viktor Orbán can pose as Europe’s strong man just as long as the EPP assists him in doing so. However, Fidesz’ self-suspension now seems to last until November. In other words, Viktor Orbán and his group are in a political vacuum. That’s why they are trying to make these desperate gestures to Manfred Weber now.” The Hungarian government may have postponed setting up the public administration courts for the same reason, Mr Brenner suggested.


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