Hungarian government in Europe’s Hall of Shame again

Jobbik agrees with the Finnish motion to pursue a hearing into the rule of law in Hungary during Finland’s EU presidency because it would ultimately benefit the people of Hungary.

The Article 7 proceedings have been going on against our country for nearly a year but no progress has been made. The Finnish government now appears willing to take the next step so the General Affairs Council is going to hear the Hungarian government on September 16. Viktor Orbán’s cabinet will be held to account for ploughing under the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, undermining judicial independence and the freedom of the press as well as for the rampant corruption.

The hearing ultimately benefits Hungary because the allocation of EU funds may be tied to compliance with the rule of law norms in the future. Therefore it is necessary to put Viktor Orbán and his government back on the path of democracy, otherwise their actions may cause the whole country and our honest compatriots to suffer. As a centre-right party dedicated to fundamental democratic values, Jobbik has a vested interest in a transparent and efficient use of EU funds.


MP Tibor Bana, Jobbik’s vice president and vice chairman of the Committee on European Affairs of the Hungarian National Assembly